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Board of 2024

Tobias Ekholm

Chair of the Board

Anselmi Jokinen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Nico Renlund

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Amanda Salin

Brand Manager

Olivia Skinnar

Marketing Manager

Oscar Hermunen

Property Manager

Matilda Hätinen


Sofia Ekman

Stock and Supply Manager

Oscar Löfqvist

Member of the Board

Emil Pajala

Member of the Board

Axel Falck

Deputy Member of the Board

About us

Täffä AB is a student-run bar and catering company offering tailored events on the customers wishes. 

We believe in making dreams a reality and that by fulfilling the customers requests we can create unique experiences.

We are open to your wildest ideas and can cater for a wide range of events, be it small, intimate dinners or celebrations with several hundred guests.

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